The 25 Craziest Things I’ve Done for Acting

10 years. Time to look back and wonder how bad I wanted it. Montreal, Toronto, Honolulu, Paris… here are the craziest things I’ve done for acting (so far). Yes, it was worth it:


  1. Acting with a skunk. I do prefer humans.
  1. Breaking a bone on a wooden sword. The only one I wouldn’t do again.
  1. Cleaning toilets on set. That’ll ground you, my son.
  1. Discovering a Christian school in the attic of a studio. I’m scared.
  1. Getting a blow job on a fake plastic penis. I thought this would look like a joke. It looked real.
  1. Getting water thrown at me by a tractor, repeatedly. Hey wardrobe lady, time to blow dry me again. We have 30 seconds before the next shot.
  1. Hearing my couchsurfing host have sex while sleeping on a bathroom floor (not to hear). Man, you sound great at sex.
  1. Kissing a man on camera and in front of 10 people. I’d do it again (hi dad).
  1. Kissing my best actress friend. Do we really have to do another take?
  1. Studying Law. By myself. I’mma cry. Life of an immigrant.
  1. Living with rats. AND great roommates. There’s an upside to everything.
  1. Missing a day at work to stand in a lake full of bloodsuckers. Great cast, great crew, great short. No complaints.
  1. Moving to Paris with a 3rd of the required money. Cancel all plans. Euros? What is that?
  1. Observing male prostitutes at 11pm. Because my acting teacher is serious about homework.
  1. Paying $100 to unbleach my hair. I bleached it when I quit acting… for 2 weeks.
  1. Paying a friend to drive me to set at 5am. We all need an entourage. Or a driver’s licence.
  1. Shaving my chest and learning to lap dance. For a home audition. For a free project.
  1. Shooting a zombie movie in Blainville, Quebec. Need I say more?
  1. Sleeping on a stranger’s couch for 3 months. We all need a 1st shot. Even when it’s a second.
  1. Throwing a chair in an audition room. “Never throw a chair in an audition room. Other than that, it was great” – casting director.
  1. Throwing up in a helicopter. That’s what 4 days of air stunts will do to you. Great footage, though. Did I mention I’m scared of flying? Guess I “forgot”.
  1. Touring Hawaii. Sometimes your colleagues are nice guys… with a driver’s licence.
  1. Watching Dirty Dancing with a French star I didn’t know. Time of my life.
  1. Going through an emergency landing because a stewardess “feels weak”. In the meantime, guess who else is gonna faint? I guess that’s what happens when you book 15 flights – yes, 15 – within a year.
  1. Driving my friends crazy. Wilson thought rehearsing was repeating a line twice, not 50 times. Mara expected everything from life, except for what was gonna come out of my mouth. Viriya be like : “oh, just remembered that’s why I didn’t choose a career in the arts”, and Laura like: “who ate my nutella, a f*cking starving artist?”

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

The 25 Craziest Things I’ve Done for Acting